Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Superficial Survival List

So I haven't written a post in a while, and after reading my friend Amy's blog on things she "couldn't live without" I thought...well this is easy! But I must warn you, this list will not contain any "actual" needs that would be deemed essential to my sole survival on this planet such as: water, food, shelter. What fun would that be? While I do not consider myself to be an actual superficial person in life, I do have a higher "enjoyment" level, let's say, than maybe most when it comes to all things girly and fabulous! So here are some of the items I need to superficially survive:

Call me weird, but I cannot wash my face without putting on moisturizer immediately after. Maybe it's my skin - or the fact that I've been using this on my face for as long as I can remember and my face, much like me, just doesn't want to give up on life's little luxuries. :) In all seriousness, moisturizing your face is key to maintain moisture, elasticity, firmness and infusing your skin with lots of good-for-you ingredients. But most of all, I just cringe at the tight, dry feeling I'll get if I don't.

Naturally this would follow. Those that know me well, know I am obsessed with body lotion. At any given time my lotion stash probably resembles something of what a house with 5 girls might look like. Same rational as #1, I just can't function if my skin feels the least bit dry. I've had to postpone showering at ex-boyfriend's homes when there wasn't lotion for me to use. Yup, it's that important. When you want to know what's the best lotion to use for season, skin-type, formulation, etc - come to me, I'll tell ya!

This was always on my "what would you take to a deserted island" type list. And I would somehow justify my extreme addiction to my straightener by saying I'd use the sun's rays during the day to heat up those ceramic plates. I have naturally curly hair that I've just never grown to love -kind of a red-headed step child sort of situation, maybe? Anyhow, I've relied on one for at least the past 12 years of my life. I must also call out that I intentionally did not make this number a generic option, the CHI is all I can use. After my first CHI it was like I had no idea what my life had been missing. It was like going from a Ford Focus to a Benz E-Class. There have been two occasions since where I've had to borrow a "regular" flat iron while my CHI was not cooperating and I'm pretty sure I've wanted to cry both times. lol

This is my current phone, but I'd suffice with any currently advanced smart phone to fill this spot. Yes, my level of addiction to having all the technology I can handle in the palm of my hands has dramatically increased since getting a BlackBerry. I'm spoiled now. I expect to be able to email, attach documents, use Twitter, Facebook, the web, watch YouTube and mouse over a # in an email and with the touch of a button call that person. It's great. And my addiction has been tested any time I've forgotten my phone, or had to leave it with the tech ppl at Verizon and for that half hour I'm walking around aimlessly w/o it I feel like that's how a drug addict must feel when their high starts to wear off.

I'm gonna pat myself on the back for only picking TWO makeup products for this list, but yea they're essential for leaving the house - if of course, I had to only just pick TWO. Why concealer? Takes away any redness/darkness under your eyes from lack of sleep, discoloration. Can be used to spot treat other areas - or if need-be act as full on coverup with some moisturizer mixed in.

Here's my second go-to choice. I'm not really sure I can explain why, since I have decent sized lashes naturally. I think I'm just so used to how dramatic they usually are that I feel like I'm naked without it. And since using a Clinique's lash primer I don't think I know how to go back to not using one.

Another source of survival. Provides me with my needed doses of internet, news, document creating and all the web shoe-clothes-makeup-handbag-and-accessories shopping I want.

I love heels, I live in them pretty much. So if I had to pick just one type of heel, it would be these. They're cute, sexy and especially fun in the summer. They also usually tend to be a bit more comfortable and easier to walk in than the typical 4"/5" heel. I couldn't just live on flats alone. I'd go crazy.

Again, an item I am very picky about. I've pretty much had the same two pairs. They need to have a certain point, angle and handle to effectively work they way I'd like. Yup I know this may seem odd but it's true. For some reason most regular tweezers just don't cut it for me. If I've had to borrow from a friend they usually don't work. ~sigh~

My savior when I don't have time to wash and style my hair, or when the humid air makes it harder to wait between washing to keep my hair healthy and its color lasting. Since I've started using this brand I haven't been without it.

I've got lip balm and gloss coming out of every storage place in my house. I've had friends laugh that I have some on my nightstand, in kitchen drawers, bathroom drawers, on my coffee table and then there's the excessive amount dispersed amongst all my handbags. I hate the feelings of dry lips and therefore I am constantly using some. I also have the need to add a lil bit of color to my lips, in the least, so yep, you guessed it, I've got lip gloss for days too! =)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Michael Kors Giveaway

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Monday, March 15, 2010


Even if you don't have the luck 'O the Irish running through your blood to don the ever popular "Kiss Me" gear this St. Patty's Day, you can always glam up your eyes with some fun, festive green tones to liven up the party. Using some different shades of green-based colors, here is my suggestion for a flirty green eye to try out on the 17th.

PRODUCTS USED: (note - you can use any similar combination of colors/brands of your choice. Whatever works best for you!)
Eyeshadows: MAC Paint Pot in "Bare Study" and powder shadows all from my Coastal Scents 88 Ultra Shimmer Pallette (
Eyeliner: L'Oreal Linear Intense Carbon Black (or Avon's Perfect Wear liq. liner will do the same job)
Mascara: MAC Studio Fix Lash in Black & L'Oreal Voluminous for added volume

1. Apply primer or base to lid/all over eye (my MAC Paint Pot was used)
2. Apply a light, Aqua Blue shade from the inner eye corner to the middle of LID. Then apply a Teal color to the remaining half of the lid out to your outer corner.
3. Using a Forrest Green/Bright Green color, Apply to the crease and blend up. Then, using this same color, apply to the outer "V" bringing in just a bit to blend towards the Teal color.
4. Take a matte black color and apply directly into your crease, to give some contour and defnition to this look.
5. Using a light, champagne colored shade, use with a fluffy eye brush as highlight under your brow bone - and if you like, extended down towards the inner tear duct.
6. Blend out any harsh edges and re-apply any of the colors on the lid or the green above the crease if intensity was lost during blending.
7. I chose to now go in with a light, shimmery Lime colored green and blended in a bit over the crease.
8. Using your eyeliner begin lining top lash line starting with a thin line from your inner eye - and gradually build a more intense line towards the outer eye to add drama. Repeat for the lower lash line, and again for added drama, apply some liner to the waterline. At this point you can also create a slight wing or "cat eye" effect with the liner by extending the lower liner slightly past the outer corner. Bring your top liner line out slightly to meet the lower extension you've made, and build up a slightly thicker "meeting point" between the top and bottom, depending upon how dramatic you prefer the results.
8. Using a smudger/eyeliner brush take the Lime green color and smudge out a bit under the lower lash line to the outer corner of the eye.
9. Finally, curl lashes and use your favorite mascara. For a maximum "Fab Flirt" benefit apply false lashes.

*TIP: When trying new, bold eye looks I prefer to try them out before bedtime. You'll need to wash your makeup off anyway and you'll be prepared and ready-to-go when needed.

I hope this helps to give you ideas for a different St. Patty's Day look. Go Green!

Monday, March 1, 2010

February Favorites

Afternoon makeup lovers! So, not only is February an amazing month because it houses my birthday, but it's turned out to be a great month for new products - both makeup and skincare alike. So, since I put a high value on word-of-mouth and user reviews I'd like to share with you some of the products that I've been using this month and love. I have purchased some of these this month, however most were generous birthday gifts to add to my collection.

Kheil's eye cream w/ avacado. LOVE this! So rich and creamy, instantly has a "gleamy" brightening affect after applied. Absorbs into skin so as to not leave a greasy feel. I use both morning and night.
Olay active hydrating original cream. GREAT face moisturizer. Those that know me, know how picky I am about my lotions and face creams. For the price of this long-standing drugstore staple, you can't go wrong. For about $7 it's amazingly moisturizing, non-greasy and leaves your face so soft and ready for makeup application. I'm also loving Clinque's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion. And I've been alternating between the two. Same affect, though Clinique's is a lil liquidy-er and doesn't smell as nice and feminie as Olay. I have also been using Cinique's Mild Facial Soap (pump) and the Mild Exfoliating toner. Love these both as well. Again with my face, I look for something that leaves my face fealing clean, yet not dry as soon as I step out of the shower. I had tried an Aveda one first and it made my face feel really dry after. Back to the store it went!
Smashbox Primer (original) Love the clear, silky, serum-to-powder feel of this formula. Leaves your skin even-toned and well prepared for makeup application.

Pureology Volume Shampoo and Conditioner: Although I love this brand and think the Hydrate line is amazing, I was skeptical to try this because a lot of volumizing products get a bad rep for leaving hair feeling more dry. Not with these. In my case anyhow. Hair felt just as great after the shower, sans the tingle, of the moisturizing one. I then used Pureology Amplified Blowdry serum, dried my hair and then flat ironed. I kept touching my hair throughout the day noticing more fullness and body than usual. Whether it was one or the other, or using both - I definitely feel it worked somehow to give me fuller feeling hair.

Makeup (my fav!)
Ahh what did I NOT try this month? That might be easier! LOL (I'll break it down by brand)
129 Brush: great for applying blush or even bronzer. Love how soft and dense this is.
187 Dual Fiber Brush: L-O-V-E this one for applying foundation! Also works great for applying other powder and cream based products such as blush and bronzer. The bristles are soo soft and it gives you the most flawless, airbrushed look when you use this to first stipple on your liquid/cream foundation, and then buff into the face using light, circular motions around your face. It's a bit pricey @ $42, but soo worth it. If you invest in the right, quality tools you will make the most of your makeup investments and how they look on your skin. This is true girls!! If you can't afford the investment just yet and would like to try out this type of brush, I recommend checking Target's brush line. Their's is about $13 and I have this also.
182 Kabuki brush: another wonderful MAC staple. Super soft bristles and nice and densely packed. I use this to apply my setting powder(later mentioned). It would also work great for applying bronzer to the key points on your face("E" motion on both sides - over temples up through forehead, contour of cheeks and under jaw bone).
Studio Fix Fluid Spf 15 - great foundation, nice even flawless coverage. Can't feel it on. Med build. coverage.
Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Powder - I love this! I use this powder as my setting powder. It can also be used on it's own for a more natural skin look w/ a lil bit of color for even skin tone.
Well Dressed Blush - very pretty, light pink. This would go great on most skintones. It's what I reach for on a daily basis if I'm not going out, or to anywhere that I want a more "dressed up" look. (my Pink Swoon is still my fav MAC blush though!)
Lipsticks (favs for this month): Lady Gaga Viva Glam! Creme d'Nude, Up the Amp, Blankety, Myth, Underage Lipglass. There are tons more, but some of the few I've been loving and using most this month.
Studio Fix Concealer spf 35 - very creamy and great coverage. Great under the eye. Probably best to use your finger and swirl a bit in the pot to warm up product so that it goes on easier and blends well.
Satin Taupe eyeshadow - great staple to have. The Spring Color #3 collection eye quad. Amazing purples that look esp. great on medium/olive skin tones.
Fluidline gel eyeliner in Blacktrack - great gel eyeliner, goes on creamy and smooth, and lasts! I recommend getting a slanted tip eyeliner brush (esp for new users) makes super easy to apply!
Last, but not least - Studio Fix Lash in Black. LOVE LOVE LOVE this mascara! It is amazing, and again I am super picky about mascaras. I use my Clinique lash primer first, then put this on. I swear, my lashes look so long and high it's like I have fake lashes on. I will usually apply a volumizing mascara after just to give extra fullness/thick affect (i.e. Maybelline Collosal, L'Oreal Voluminous or Cinique High Impact = all great). This mascara deserves more recognition amongst MAC's line that is often given negative reviews. (Their Zoom is also great, I've used this for a while though it can get clumpy and give a "spidery" affect if too many coats are applied) With a dept. store price tag of $13 I would tell anyone to try this mascara. I've tried most of the higher-end lines, and I personally feel this blows some of the "over-hyped" Dior formulas out of the water. No joke. I've returned Diors, Cargo brands, etc. This one is amazing.

Other brand mentions:
NARS lipgloss in Turkish Delight. Such a pretty light, milky pink color. I love this over MAC Myth or Angel. (also the combo Kim Kardashian is often seen wearing)
NARS blush: Orgasm and Deep Throat (yes..the names can make you blush on their own). I love the shimmery pink color of DT and of course the "cult favorite" O* should be one that everyone tries. It's a great peachy-pink shade with sublte shimmer.
Revlon Photoready Foundation. Great medium cover, slight iridescence to it and looks great in photos. I switch between this and my Studio Fix Fluid.
Maybelline Whipped Mousse Concealer (name?) this is another great, light but creamy concealer. Some compare this to MAC Studio Sculpt concealer, however I feel it's still lighter in texture and application than the MAC. Works great though and for less than half the price of the MAC ones.

One last well deserved mention is the Shu Uemuera (sp?) eyelash curler. I, like many, have been a skeptic for years, all the while hearing about the wonders of this pricey curler. My friend Amy and I decided to give it a try when we found the 24K gold LE one they put out during the holidays at our local outlet. Well, we both fell in love. It is true what they say about this lil wonder. I have not reached for my trusted Revlon one since. It really does give you such amazing curl and staying power to your lashes before applying mascara. I dont know how they do it, but they do! If you see this on sale at an outlet it's def worth the try! Sephora also carrys the line.

Ok beauty lovers - sorry for the novel, but with my birthday and all this month, I've picked up alot of products (most gifts - yes I asked for makeup for my bday! lol) and had the chance to try some great makeup and skincare that I've long heard raved about. I think it's important to share what products you feel work great and those that aren't worth the money. I like to pass on the knowledge. Happy Shopping and let me know if you've tried any of these, what you think - or what favorite you might have that would be great for me to know and others.

Thanks all!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hello Blogging World!

Hola fellow bloggers. So I finally motivated myself to start this. I've always wanted a place to share my thoughts on life, makeup, fashion - the crazyness I witness while people-watching, etc. I'm just an outgoing, loves to have fun kind of girl who has a passion for makeup and clothes (yes shoes and bags too!) and for my career in advertising. Some may say I have a bit of a shopping addiction, however I rationalize my obsession by this lil phrase: "some people have drugs, I have shopping." Yes, this somehow makes me feel better and still high above the degenerates out there who are smoking crack and drinking every day. Hey I'm fully functional and look fabulous! At least I like to think so. :)

So, does anyone else feel like I do when I'm out and see some poor soul of a woman who most likely has awful frizzy/badly colored/cut hair, and you just want to run up to her and be like PLEASE LET ME USE MY FLAT IRON ON YOU!! And it's not out of rudeness, but from the place in my heart that cares so much about makeup and looking as good as you can,esp while out in public. Come on people! Just the other night there was a lady sitting near me at dinner with awful blonde/orange tinged hair and really no makeup (and she wasn't the type of female that you'd look at and think, "I wish I could look that great w/o makeup") no, that wasn't the case. I felt like she was an "extreme makeover" candidate and I wanted to walk up with my flat iron and makeup case and go to work. I just want everyone to feel pretty and put together. I think that's part of being a girl - but most of all, I think every female should look presentable and put together, esp while out in public.

And speaking of makeup - I'm putting my love of products and skincare to use by selling the amazing brand AVON! Please take a moment to check out my page: I have been using these products since high school and I can attest to their quality and end result. If you have any questions or would like advice and product recommendations I welcome you to plz ask! I can also recommend some great dupes for higher-end brands such as MAC and NARS. K Thinking it's time to end this initial rant and get to bed soon. Thanks for reading and look for more posts of what it's like to be a part of "Jenny Jen's World" :) xoxo