Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hello Blogging World!

Hola fellow bloggers. So I finally motivated myself to start this. I've always wanted a place to share my thoughts on life, makeup, fashion - the crazyness I witness while people-watching, etc. I'm just an outgoing, loves to have fun kind of girl who has a passion for makeup and clothes (yes shoes and bags too!) and for my career in advertising. Some may say I have a bit of a shopping addiction, however I rationalize my obsession by this lil phrase: "some people have drugs, I have shopping." Yes, this somehow makes me feel better and still high above the degenerates out there who are smoking crack and drinking every day. Hey I'm fully functional and look fabulous! At least I like to think so. :)

So, does anyone else feel like I do when I'm out and see some poor soul of a woman who most likely has awful frizzy/badly colored/cut hair, and you just want to run up to her and be like PLEASE LET ME USE MY FLAT IRON ON YOU!! And it's not out of rudeness, but from the place in my heart that cares so much about makeup and looking as good as you can,esp while out in public. Come on people! Just the other night there was a lady sitting near me at dinner with awful blonde/orange tinged hair and really no makeup (and she wasn't the type of female that you'd look at and think, "I wish I could look that great w/o makeup") no, that wasn't the case. I felt like she was an "extreme makeover" candidate and I wanted to walk up with my flat iron and makeup case and go to work. I just want everyone to feel pretty and put together. I think that's part of being a girl - but most of all, I think every female should look presentable and put together, esp while out in public.

And speaking of makeup - I'm putting my love of products and skincare to use by selling the amazing brand AVON! Please take a moment to check out my page: I have been using these products since high school and I can attest to their quality and end result. If you have any questions or would like advice and product recommendations I welcome you to plz ask! I can also recommend some great dupes for higher-end brands such as MAC and NARS. K Thinking it's time to end this initial rant and get to bed soon. Thanks for reading and look for more posts of what it's like to be a part of "Jenny Jen's World" :) xoxo

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  1. Aww I think your blog is just wonderful so far! You write so well and explain things so nicely! Best of luck to you sweets! I can't wait to read more of your thoughts! <3 Jen