Monday, March 15, 2010


Even if you don't have the luck 'O the Irish running through your blood to don the ever popular "Kiss Me" gear this St. Patty's Day, you can always glam up your eyes with some fun, festive green tones to liven up the party. Using some different shades of green-based colors, here is my suggestion for a flirty green eye to try out on the 17th.

PRODUCTS USED: (note - you can use any similar combination of colors/brands of your choice. Whatever works best for you!)
Eyeshadows: MAC Paint Pot in "Bare Study" and powder shadows all from my Coastal Scents 88 Ultra Shimmer Pallette (
Eyeliner: L'Oreal Linear Intense Carbon Black (or Avon's Perfect Wear liq. liner will do the same job)
Mascara: MAC Studio Fix Lash in Black & L'Oreal Voluminous for added volume

1. Apply primer or base to lid/all over eye (my MAC Paint Pot was used)
2. Apply a light, Aqua Blue shade from the inner eye corner to the middle of LID. Then apply a Teal color to the remaining half of the lid out to your outer corner.
3. Using a Forrest Green/Bright Green color, Apply to the crease and blend up. Then, using this same color, apply to the outer "V" bringing in just a bit to blend towards the Teal color.
4. Take a matte black color and apply directly into your crease, to give some contour and defnition to this look.
5. Using a light, champagne colored shade, use with a fluffy eye brush as highlight under your brow bone - and if you like, extended down towards the inner tear duct.
6. Blend out any harsh edges and re-apply any of the colors on the lid or the green above the crease if intensity was lost during blending.
7. I chose to now go in with a light, shimmery Lime colored green and blended in a bit over the crease.
8. Using your eyeliner begin lining top lash line starting with a thin line from your inner eye - and gradually build a more intense line towards the outer eye to add drama. Repeat for the lower lash line, and again for added drama, apply some liner to the waterline. At this point you can also create a slight wing or "cat eye" effect with the liner by extending the lower liner slightly past the outer corner. Bring your top liner line out slightly to meet the lower extension you've made, and build up a slightly thicker "meeting point" between the top and bottom, depending upon how dramatic you prefer the results.
8. Using a smudger/eyeliner brush take the Lime green color and smudge out a bit under the lower lash line to the outer corner of the eye.
9. Finally, curl lashes and use your favorite mascara. For a maximum "Fab Flirt" benefit apply false lashes.

*TIP: When trying new, bold eye looks I prefer to try them out before bedtime. You'll need to wash your makeup off anyway and you'll be prepared and ready-to-go when needed.

I hope this helps to give you ideas for a different St. Patty's Day look. Go Green!

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